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"Silently, I let my visions bloom in the light"


Let these flower pictures and these affirmations guide and accompany you.

The 37 cards can be drawn as affirmations, or they can be set up as flower pictures. You can put a flower card of your choice on  display by using the enclosed wooden card holder.


May this set of cards serve as an invitation to return to nature.

In the garden, on the fields, in the forest.

Going back to being a gardener, maybe?

With thoughts, words and actions.


Let visions grow roots.

Let yourself be inspired and let yourself become an inspiration for our united lifegarden.

Let us grow flowers of happiness.


"With a light soul, I am planting my vision in my heartgarden"



Set of cards "Soul Garden"

Artikelnummer: 0008
  • Set of cards with 37 flower pictures and affirmations


    Let yourself be led and guided by the affirmations on these pictures of flowers.

    This set of cards was created in the peaceful springtime of 2020, when our garden of flowers blessed us with hope.


    Sandra Mumprecht collected the essence of the souls of the flowers with her photography, whilst I received the corresponding affirmations through an impulse.

    "Soul Garden" is based on the same flower images as the card set "Blütenlesen".

    However, the affirmations were transmitted especially for this set.



    Affirmations: Sandra Lysser


    1st edition July, 2021

    ISBN 978-3-9525464-1-3

    Lilium edition

    Mass: 145 x 82 mm



    With the purchase of this card set you make are supporting regional aid projects.



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